Book 2: Illusion of Power

Struggling to maintain federal order, the United States of America starts to dissolve in a world that has been quickly over-run with Zeds while now facing a new pending threat of international take-over.

Several safe zones have begun to form throughout the Unites States. While these safe zones don’t know whether the White House is still intact, they are becoming aware of the dissolution of North America and have started to take things into their own hands. Succession is thick in the air as the Savannah Safe Zone and the Coronado Safe Zone gain independence, creating their own interim governments. Cheyenne Safe Zone continues to collect data trying to discover what the Zeds are and how they came to be.

As the war against the Zeds has acted as the harbinger for Civil War, international pressures begin to wash up on American shores.

Illusion of Power, the second book in the Zombie Company Crusade Series, exposes the ugly truth behind the ultimate political and ideological cleavages that exist throughout America and how these opposing realities may create the great nations demise.

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