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"I have always been a big fan of political suspense and thrillers such as Vince Flynns series. Divide Then Conquer ended up having the perfect amount of zombie thrill added to political suspense. I recommend this book not only to those who enjoy zombie culture but also to people who are attracted to political thrillers." -Amazon Reader Review of Divide Then Conquer: Book 1 of The Zombie Company Crusade Series

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ZOMBIE COMPANY CRUSADE GAME  has complete strategy based game play. For iOS mobile devices,  Zombie Company Crusade comes fully equipped with full troop controls, arena battle mode where you can have friend to friend battling and an expansive campaign mode.

Fortify your base, attack your enemies and fight off the zombie hoard!



“Book 1: Divide Then Conquer of The Zombie Company Crusade Series” 

inspired by the human struggle for survival, an epic American series exploring what it means to face an unknown enemy while confronting social and cultural mores that no longer work in a world that has been torn apart.

“DIVIDE THEN CONQUER”, introduces readers to an eclectic mix of crusaders, all fighting to survive the zombie apocalypse-and sometimes, their own dark impulses. 

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“Book 2: Illusion of Power of The Zombie Company Crusade Series”

Struggling to maintain federal order, the United States of America starts to dissolve in a world that has been quickly over-run with Zeds while now facing a new pending threat of international take-over.

“ILLUSION OF POWER”, exposes the ugly truth behind the ultimate political and ideological cleavages that exist throughout America and how these opposing realities may create the great nations demise.



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